Tuesday, April 3, 2012

VA - Noize Vol. 1

Well this album is a bit of an anomaly. It's an official Tooth & Nail release, but you could never get it from the label. Instead it was an insert that came with This Prophecy magazine, but only to those who were new subscribers. Which you know means small print run. It has a few bands that later signed to the Nail, or bands/artists that the label was attempting to sign. Plus, a band (Wickedszend) drops the n-word on it! This is the only time a band has done such with the labels releases.


1. Starflyer 59 - The Dungeon
2. Plankeye - Free Me (labelled as Plank Eye)
3. Joy Electric - The Girl From Rosewood Lane
4. Morella's Forest - Oceana
5. Chatterbox - Epignosis
6. The Blamed - Help Yourself
7. Wish For Eden - Ocean
8. Sometime Sunday - Lie
9. The Crucified - A Guy In A Suit And The Pope
10. Focused - Perfect Will
11. Unashamed - I Surrender
12. Blenderhead - Soap Box
13. Glen Rollans - Everything Is OK
14. Wickedszend - Thrashing Pilgrims
15. Every Day Life - The Couch
16. Red Timber - Lemonade
17. The Throws - Stunned
18. Deer - Far Away
19. Starflyer 59 - She Was My Sweetheart

Friday, March 30, 2012

Starflyer 59 - Silver

This was the start of the longest signed band to the label. It's the debut album from one Jason Martin, the main component behind Starflyer 59. If you are a fan of the band, you've already have this.


1. Blue Collar Love
2. Monterey
3. Sled
4. Hazel Would
5. The Zenith
6. 2nd Space Song
7. Droned
8. Happy Days Are Here Again
9. She Only Knows
10. The Dungeon

Get it here.

Notes: This album is not actually called Silver. The actual name for it is Starflyer 59, same with the second release from them. It is just referred to as Silver because of the monochromatic grey colour of the album cover.

Focused - Bow

You all know this. It's the first ever hardcore release from Tooth & Nail Records. This is when the label was still located in California. There's not much I can say about this release that you don't already know. Other than maybe that Mark Salamon, the lead singer of Stavesacre, Native Son, Outer Circle and Neon Horse, had a hand in the artwork for this release. Speaking of which, I am not sure if that is supposed to be clouds in the background, or waves.

1. Bow
2. Forever
3. Walk Beside Me
4. Forward
5. Strain
6. Behold
7. Perfect Will
8. Falling Down
9. Open My Eyes
10. Blinded
11. Absence
12-76. [Silence]
77. Bonus Track

Get it here

Friday, February 3, 2012

Wish For Eden - Pet The Fish

Sorry for not posting in this earlier, but I forgot the email address I used to even set up this blog. Anyways, here is the very first ever Tooth & Nail release. I'm sure you who are interested in the label already know everything there is to know about this release. It's Grunge. That can either be a good or a bad thing. It depends on your musical tastes I guess.




Don't Know

U Could






Pet The Fish

You can get it here.

An interesting note: the artwork is an actual piece of artwork that you can buy. I forget who, but one day when I was watching MTV Cribs, someone had it hanging in their living room, minus the Wish For Eden and Pet The Fish writing on it.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

First post!!

This blog is about Tooth & Nail Records, and their earlier releases. They're hard to get now, unless you wanna go on eBay. And really, who wants to do that? Who wants to make a bid on a cd that is more than likely scratched, and wait and hope and pray that you win? Instead, get that music instantly (or at least, however long it takes to download). I'll attempt to post everything in chronological order, but if that gets too confusing I'll just do it in alphabetical order by band.